July 5/ Day 1

The universe within

Harmonic Convergence 2020, A Global Paradigm Shift in the Making

July 7/ Day 3

The leadership of love

Global Coherence: Humanity’s Evolutionary Leap 2020

July 8 / Day 4

Move with nature

What Time Is

July 9 / Day 5

Technology in Balance

A Symbiosis of Humans and Technology

July 10 / Day 6

living in reverence

Native Stories of Galactic Contact

July 11/ Day 7

Let's get visionary

Human Consciousness:

The Charioteer Driving Reality

July 13 / Day 9

Celebrate our human family

We are not alone

July 14 / Day 10

Expand into Universal Harmony 

We are the one's we've been waiting for

What is Written in the Stars